The short answer is “Anyone who wants to!”- no exclusions!

Woodlawn United Sunday worship is a meeting place where all kinds of people celebrate life around Christ’s open table. ALL, without exception, are welcome!

We have recently not only made our building accessible to those with mobility challenges - those using walkers and wheel chairs, but removed to pew to make a space for infants and their parents in our sanctuary to join in as well. 

We are people who enjoy variety in our worship styles - from the more traditional to the contemporary, with children leading the procession with dancing and ribbons!

We welcome people of all intellectual abilities. Anyone who is seeking to understand their faith with their minds as well as their hearts. Most of us still have lots of questions and doubts and feel accepted while engaging the process of life - long learning.

We have special interest groups for women, men, widows, people with intellectual disabilities, alcoholics, couples and a large and exciting music program for all ability levels.

Our Sr. and Jr. youth programs are exciting and growing in numbers and with our Sunday School number over 100!

We welcome those inquiring about religion at the beginning of their faith journey and those who seek deeper discipleship by making a difference in the world through both charity and social justice.

We welcome religious refugees, those dissatisfied with the church of their upbringing and looking for a more open and joyful expression of faith.  We welcome both straight and gay.

Overall, we are a diverse group with both gifts and imperfections, and we want to invite YOU to join us as well as we work together for both personal and social transformation.