Wedding Policies & Application


Congratulations on your Engagement! We, as Christians and members of Woodlawn United Church believe that marriage is a sacred covenant between God and two people who love each other. Our Ministers honour and celebrate marriage in the context of a Christian community of faith and our community is comprehensive, open and accepting.

We celebrate the marriages of all, church goers or not, previously divorced; of different religions, of different genders, and those of the same sex.

The wedding ceremony is a celebration and public declaration of this loving covenant and is therefore first and foremost a worship service. It is during this wedding service that these two individuals make vows to each other before God, their families and friends, to live in a caring and loving relationship of inclusivity, openness, respect and equality with each other.

We are pleased that you are considering Woodlawn United for your wedding ceremony. We have prepared the following information to outline some of our guidelines, policies and fees. Please read it carefully before you decide to book your wedding date.

Once you have decided that you would like to be married at Woodlawn United Church, we ask that you submit the Application for Marriage. When the application is received at the church office, an appointment will be made with one of our Ministers. Your wedding date will be booked at this first meeting once the $100.00 deposit fee is paid. This deposit is non-refundable but is deducted from the total amount owing. See the FEE POLICY below for further instruction. Please do not make any other arrangements regarding your wedding until the booking is confirmed.

The Ministerial staff, in consultation with the Council, reserve the right to approve all marriage requests made of Woodlawn United Church.

Sanctuary $250.00
Minister $350.00
Administrative Fee $50.00
Music fee $200.00
 If attendance is required at rehersal  Plus $50.00
 If required to accompany soloist, etc.  Plus $50.00 per musical selection
Caretaker $100.00
Sound Technician - basic $50.00
 Basic plus any CD music $100.00
Deposit: non-refundable $100.00

Due to CRA Guidelines we are unable to provide preferred rates to Woodlawn Members or their families/affiliates. Cheque or cash is accepted.

The Marriage License and all fees outlined above must be paid at least 30 days prior to the wedding date. This will give our administrators sufficient time to fill out the form and ensure that the legal documents are prepared for the wedding day. For more information on obtaining a Marriage License you can visit the Access Nova Scotia Website.


SANCTUARY - $250.00
The sanctuary at Woodlawn United is surrounded by beautiful stained glass windows and modern wooden architecture. This sacred space has a seating capacity of approximately 500 people.

The sanctuary will be available for a one hour long rehearsal. This is generally on the evening preceding your wedding. The Sanctuary is available one hour before your wedding and 1/2 hour after the ceremony. Please be considerate of these times when making your arrangements as there may be more than one wedding performed on this day.

MINISTER - $350.00
Woodlawn United is blessed to have two Ministers that may perform the marriage ceremony. One of these ministers will preside over weddings celebrated at Woodlawn United Church. Other clergy may participate at the invitation of the presiding Minister.

The minister will meet with you at least twice prior to your wedding day, will preside over your rehearsal, wedding and handle the arrangements for processing your legal marriage certificate.

Our ministers offer a service of Christian Worship only.

MUSIC FEE - $200.00
All music selected for your wedding must be discussed with the minister. Our Director of Music is an accomplished musician and will help you with the selection of your music. At your first meeting, the church will provide you with contact information for The Director of Music. It is your responsibility to contact him/her and make further arrangements.

If you would like to have the organ or piano played at the wedding, our Director of Music has the right of first refusal.

If you require The Director of Music to attend the rehearsal, the fee is an additional $50.00. If you require The Director of Music to accompany a soloist or group the fee is an additional $50.00 per musical selection.

If The Director of Music is booked for your wedding and you cancel after the 30 day deadline, the musician’s fees will not be refunded.


Basic - $50.00

We are very fortunate at Woodlawn to have a small team of dedicated, trained sound technicians. The technician will work with you, the minister and the musician(s) to ensure that everyone is wired for sound for your special day. The sound technician will also be available for the evening of your rehearsal. A CD of your wedding ceremony will be available to you as part of this service.

Additional $50.00
In addition to the basic sound, if you require the sound technician for any music part of the ceremony i.e. CD’s with special music, there is an additional $50 fee.

Photographs may not be taken during the Worship service as this is a sacred time and should be observed as such. Photography is permitted during the processional, the signing of the registry and the recessional. A stationary videographer is allowed during the service. This person is set up in an unobtrusive location for the entire ceremony (in the choir loft or sound booth). The minister will remain to take pictures with the couple immediately following the ceremony. Please ensure your photographer is aware of this policy.

Remember, this is a large sanctuary that is beautifully decorated according to the seasons. However, if decorations are placed in the church, please do not use thumbtacks, nails, staples or tape. Floral putty, elastic or ribbon is recommended. Please arrange for your decorations to be removed from the sanctuary immediately following the ceremony. There is no confetti, bird seed, rice or bubbles allowed inside the church. Bubbles may be used outside only.

      We are a congregation of the United Church of Canada, a member of the Worldwide Council of Churches.