Woodlawn Choir - During Covid 19

Music at Woodlawn United

The backbone of our musical life at Woodlawn United is the Woodlawn Choir, formed through the amalgamation of the previous Gospel and Chancel choirs. Rehearsing on Thursday nights from September to June, the ensemble enjoys not only offering a weekly sacred anthem, but also challenging literature in the secular forum.  Small ensembles from within the choir also perform at Sunday Services and other events/services.

Lots of laughter, smiles and happy voices at rehearsals and on Sunday mornings, signal a company of musicians enjoying themselves making music and singing God’s praises.

If you can sing and “carry a tune in a bucket” come join us!  We have big plans for future church years. We would love to have you as part of our merry music makers.


      We are a congregation of the United Church of Canada, a member of the Worldwide Council of Churches.