Funeral Policies

“We’ll share our joy with those who still are weeping”



The death of a loved one, whether sudden or expected, can leave us feeling vulnerable, confused and filled with anxiety – not knowing where to go, what to do and who to turn to for assistance.

A Funeral, Memorial Service or a Celebration of Life (hereafter referred to as a “funeral”) may play a healing part in the grieving process.  It is usually a time when family members and friends gather to honour and celebrate the life of the deceased, to offer support to one another during this time of loss and to draw on the resources of our faith.

Woodlawn United Church (WUC) will provide Funeral services. This may include visitation, memorial services, funerals, and committal services.


All attempts will be made to accommodate the family’s specific requests for a time and date of the service.

Funerals are the essence of the service provided at Woodlawn.  Funerals take priority over all other events held in the church buildings. Staff will make every effort to arrange funeral times so they do not conflict with pre-arranged events and bookings when possible.

All services will adhere to the ethos of the United Church of Canada.

All Funeral services will be officiated by Woodlawn United Church ministry staff (regular and/or designated “supply”). Upon request, and at the invitation of the WUC clergy, other clergy will be welcome to participate.

Personalized service bulletins can be created and printed by our Office Administrator. WUC must be given two full working days in order to provide this service. 

Woodlawn United Church ministers may be invited to perform a Funeral service at another location.  They may do so, but the decision will be at their discretion.


  • Once WUC’s services have been requested, the Officiating Minister will schedule a meeting with the family.
  • If the Ministry team learns of a death of a member or adherent of Woodlawn United Church, Ministry Staff will contact the family of the deceased.
  • At the meeting between the Minister and the next of kin, time, date, music and all service arrangements are discussed and made. If the Funeral service is to be held at Woodlawn United Church, the facility schedule will be consulted and the appropriate space(s) will be made available.
  • Musical selections will be chosen in consultation with the Minister and Church Staff Musician.
  • Upon request and at the invitation of the Church Staff Musician other musicians will be welcome to participate.
  • Our Church Staff Musician has the first right of refusal and authority to designate an alternate organist.

The Office Administrator will consult with the family regarding the various services offered by Woodlawn United Church, and any associated fees/costs. Funeral costs are outlined in Appendix A.  Ministerial staff have sole discretion regarding any special circumstances that may require deviation from these costs.

Visitation Time may be offered if requested.

A Funeral Liaison will be assigned to facilitate all other details – ushers, reception, special requests, pictures etc. when available.

Family/next of kin contact information will be gathered by the Office Administrator.  This will be used as needed during the planning process, for grief booklets, for any follow up, and so that In Memorium cards can be sent if donations are received in memory of the deceased.

The Funeral Record Book will be updated.

Follow up calls and visitation will happen immediately following the funeral and continue as needed, again in three weeks and on the anniversary of the death.


      We are a congregation of the United Church of Canada, a member of the Worldwide Council of Churches.