Upcoming Events at Woodlawn

June 3rd - Woodlawn Chowder Take-Out. Order by May 31st. More details on the chowder page.

June 10th - The Woodlawn United Lobster Supper returns. This will be a take out event, similar to our fish chowders. Meal will have 1.25 - 1.5 lb lobster, roll, potato salad, coleslaw and dessert (choice of carrot cake, apple pie, or pumpkin pie). Bagged and ready for pickup. Cost will be $30 per meal. For tickets call: Keith Musselman 902-435-9708, Teri Giannou 902-456-3188, Barry Zwicker 902-434-8766, Joan Mikkelsen 902-435-6296, or Church Office 902-434-8302. Get them while you can!