Before service                                          

- Pick up leftover doughnuts & muffins from Tim Hortons in the Forest Hills Shopping Centre (near Canadian Tire) on Sunday morning.

- Supplies are in the cupboard next to the fridge in the little kitchen.

- If you buy the milk reimburse yourself from the donations on Sunday.

- Get a coffee urn out of the UCW closet. Make coffee (usually 55 c. is enough). Instructions for coffee making are on the wall near the stove. Make a pot of decaf in the coffee maker on the counter (read directions on the wall).

- Heat water for tea in a pot on the stove. You can put it on low during the service. Make the tea (5 or 6 tea bags) after church and put it in thermal pitchers to serve.

- Pour the apple juice into small glasses for the Sunday School and put it on a tray in the fridge.

- Cut sweets/buns into serving size pieces and put on trays (trays are under serving counter).

- Turn on the dishwasher (directions are on the washer).

- Pour milk into pitchers (in trays with glasses) and set in fridge. Sugar & sweetener are with the supplies.

- Put out the little basket for donations.

- Put the coffee cups and some saucers on the counter by serving window.

  *You should leave church a little early to finish preparation.

After service

- Set a couple tables out for the doughnuts.

- Put out milk, sugar, water, glasses, napkins and  spoons and juice.

  *Hint - pour coffee into a couple of thermal pitchers to make serving faster.

- Serve from the window.

- When the dishes are done and put away make sure :

  • dishwasher is off
  • stove is off
  • door to the supply closet is locked
  • back door is locked

 Thank you very much!

Please return clean doughnut containers to Tim Hortons late in the week (Thursday or later). If Jean Adams is there she will return them. If Jamie Lacey is there he usually helps operate the dishwasher.

Donations should be put in a sandwich bag (in cupboard), counted and passed in to office through the week. If Shirley Z. is there she can take it.

Please recycle containers, take home compost and garbage as we have no pickup.