Woodlawn United Chowder

October 30th Take Out Chowder Lunch

The order desk is now open for orders for our Saturday, October 30th take out chowder.

Orders should be submitted to ralphsams@ns.sympatico.ca or 902-434-7786. If unable to use the order form below, this is the info required: # of chowders, pick up time (11:30, 12, or 12:30), choice of pie (apple or pumpkin), choice of roll (whole wheat or white), name and telephone #. Orders are due by Tuesday, October 26th at 6pm.

If you are able to provide us with a pumpkin or apple pie it will be much appreciated. These will need to be in on either Friday afternoon or evening. Please let Ralph know by Oct. 26 if you are providing pies.

Please tell your friends that chowders are back.

Take Out Chowder Form