Woodlawn United Church tries to stay well informed about how to help people in our community.

The East Dartmouth Christian Food Bank is run out of our Heritage Centre (White church), 52 Woodlawn Road, each Thursday from 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM.

We also offer the DUN-GEN, a used clothing store, located in the lower level of the Heritage Centre. You can find clothes and some other household items for very reasonable prices. The DUN-GEN is open Thursday and Saturdays 9AM - 12PM. 

It is generally closed on Holidays and also during the summer. Check the calendar or call the office (902)434-8302 if you are unsure if it is open.

We have a very ACTIVE Outreach committee who work tirelessly to advocate for those who are financially struggling.


Are you looking for help in the community?

The Dartmouth Helping Tree is a great tool for knowing how to access community help you need. It was designed by the Dartmouth Community Health Board, Community Health Team, HRM Community Development, and the Self-help Connection to assist service providers and inform residents of the many helping resources available. If you or someone you care about is experiencing a problem in any of the areas listed, follow the arrows on the flow chart to find resources that may help. Below is a link to a list of resource and support services in the HRM including food banks, shelters, and meal providers.

Support Services in the HRM


Do you have a health concern? Call 811 and talk to a Nurse.

Need help finding the right community and social services? Call 211 

Have a question about municiplae services or information? Call 311


Want to talk to our government Representative?

Contact our Member of Parliament Darren Fisher
Contact our Member of Legislative Assembly Tim Halman