Community of Care Team 

The Pastoral Care Ministry has three different teams working to provide loving support to the Woodlawn faith community, as well as Rev. Mary Lynne Whyte, Woodlawn’s Pastoral Care Minister. All teams work with Rev. Mary Lynne to provide this caring and supportive ministry, reporting any significant issues for her consideration. Rev. Mary Lynne occasionally meets with each team to hear general reports, discuss any concerns, and brainstorm on how our pastoral care ministry can be

The Pastoral Care Team is a group of 10 people who do in-person visits (when allowed) to shut-ins every six weeks. Since our shut-ins are more vulnerable, the team has been phoning people on their lists and sending cards during Covid to connect with them in a loving and caring way without compromising anyone’s safety. As well, one member of the team is assigned to visit people in the hospital, when allowed. During Covid, the hospitals provided phones for patients so the minister and pastoral care visitor could call to chat and offer prayer instead of going in-person.

The Pastoral Phone Ministry Team consists of ten people with an overseer. These ten people each have a call list consisting of 30 – 40 members/adherents of Woodlawn United to connect with them in a loving and caring way. The care team began this ministry during Covid to let Woodlawners know that they were not forgotten and that they are important to us. The callers call at least three times a year.

The Caring Card Committee consists of three people who send out cards such as condolence cards, thinking of you/praying for you cards, and thank you cards. This is another way for Woodlawn to show our loving concern and support for our Woodlawn faith community.

Funeral follow-up program - A series of 4 booklets on the journey through grieving are distributed to families whose funeral was held at Woodlawn.

Baptism & Wedding follow-up - Couples married at Woodlawn are sent a wedding and a 1st anniversary card. Babies who are baptized here are given a 1st birthday card and when they are 2 years old they are sent an invitation to Sunday School.

Kindred Spirits – A support group for widows.

Volunteer Recruitment – Their responsibility is to fill vacant positions on committees.

Fellowship – Volunteers prepare and serve refreshments after church service on Sunday.

Prayer Shawl Ministry – Handmade shawls are given, by request, to people in crisis. The shawls are blessed during Worship.