Babies & Preschoolers

For more information please contact our Youth Coordinator:

We LOVE Babies!

We know that bringing little ones to church can be stressful for parents. You might worry that they are too squirmy or loud. Rest assured, that at Woodlawn we love having babies as part of our church family. We understand that today’s parents have different needs than parents from years ago and have tried to meet those needs:

  • In the back right hand corner of the sanctuary we have removed a pew and created a secure area for babies and their parents. There is room for babies to get on the carpeted floor and explore and play. There is a pew for the parents to be fully able to participate in worship. Of course, parents are welcome to sit anywhere in the sanctuary, but this space has been created especially for them.
  • Woodlawn is a Breastfeeding friendly area. Feel free to feed your little one during worship, or any of our programs. 
  • We have put a rocking chair in the new entrance if parents require a little more privacy…. but still want to hear the worship.
  • There is a family washroom with change table.
  • Downstairs, adjacent to the hall, is a stocked nursery room. There are toys, a pack and play crib, chairs etc…. this room is NOT staffed but available for parents to use with their young ones.
      We are a congregation of the United Church of Canada, a member of the Worldwide Council of Churches.