Blain Henshaw Book Launch

Saturday, June 22 ~ 1PM

Join Blaine in the Brick Hall for the release and signing of his new book, “The Peddlers”. Hosted by Friends of Accessibility.

The Peddlers is the story of the leading roles some Nova Scotians played in the North American door-to-door sales profession in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It starts with the life of Nova Scotia-born Alfred C. Fuller, the Fuller Brush Man, whose humble upbringing in the Annapolis Valley laid the foundation for what became one of the biggest businesses of its type in the world.

It also follows the career of Yarmouth County's Frank Stanley Beveridge, who co-founded the highly successful Stanley Home Products company. From the tough times of the 1920s and 1930s, the story showcases the Lebanese immigrant backpack peddler Herman Rofihe who established a quality men's wear store that served three generations.

The Peddlers takes you on a door-to-door tour of the origins of household brands like Minard's and Sloan's Liniment, JR Watkins and Rawleigh Products, Fraser's Liniment, Gates Little Gem Pills, Buckley Cough Syrups, Muskol, and other medicinal enterprises founded by peddlers, many of them Nova Scotians. It also chronicles a century-old Hants County murder case involving two young peddlers — one the victim, the other the perpetrator.

Filled with these fascinating stories of Nova Scotia's history in the door-to-door trade, The Peddlers is a tribute to the men and women of a bygone era in merchandising, the likes of which will never be seen again.