Thank GOD it's Thursday!

Every Thursday in Rooms A & B

A series of informative, interesting and engaging discussions on a variety of complex and dynamic issues that affect us on a daily basis. Come for information, education, fellowship and FUN!

Thursday February 1: World Cafe - Medical Assistance in Dying

You are invited to a World Café where you’ll have the opportunity to discuss the highly controversial topic of medical assisted death. What happens when there are no clinicians in small communities to provide the service? Hear information from the government of Canada, the views of the United Church of Canada, and consider a case close to home. Then consider your own views after you reflect upon your faith. Is it right to take control of our time of death? Is it right to ask a doctor or nurse practitioner to give us the fatal needle since they have taken a vow not to harm others? Is it right to let people suffer a long-term illness when their suffering could
end sooner? How does God and faith fit into this scenario? 

Thursday February 8: Youth Confirmation Session 3 of 4 - JESUS

The first two TGIT Youth Confirmation sessions were held in January. All Youth are invited to join in discussing Jesus at this session. Even if you haven’t attended any others, you are welcome to attend. However, in order to be confirmed you must be in grade 9 or above and attend all 4 sessions. Our final session will be held on February 15th. Call the office 902-434-8302, or email to confirm your attendance. 

Thursday February 15: Youth Confirmation Session 4 of 4 - CHURCH

Thursday February 22: Movie Night with Mary Lynne Whyte

Join us for the film “GOD’S NOT DEAD”. A philosophy student and devout Christian is challenged by his Professor to prove that God is Not Dead. Popcorn and drinks will be provided. 


Famous Friday Chowder Lunch

Friday, February 9 ~ 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Friday, February 23 ~ 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Hosted by Friends of Accessibility.

Lunch includes a bowl of chowder, roll, dessert and tea or coffee for $10. So good! Tickets available at the door. Take out is available.

For our chowders we can offer a private dining room for up to 10 people for luncheon meetings. Must be booked in advance and subject to availability. For any further information please contact Ralph Sams at 902-434-7786 or email:


John Campbell John & Mike Campbell - In Concert

Fiddle 'N Blues

Friday February 23 ~ 7:30 PM

Tickets: $15.00 in advance, $20.00 at the door.

For tickets contact Bob Watt, Freda Rogers or Ralph Sams ( or 902-434-7786) or the Church office ( or 902-434-8302).


Notice of Annual General Meeting & Annual Report

All members are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting of Woodlawn United Church to be held on Sunday February 25th, 2018 during Worship.

The agenda, the Annual Report which contains business from the past year (2017), financial statements for the year ending 2017, committee reports, budget for 2018, and list of individuals seeking election to the Board and Committees will be available to members on February 18th, on the welcome table in the Foyer.

The following positions are available :
Co-Chair for Administration & Management (with Barry Zwicker)
Chair/Co-Chair for Christian Development
Chair/Co-Chair for Community of Care
Chair/Co-Chair of Ministry and Personnel
Co-Chair for Program
Co-Chair/Chair for Communications
Church Council Secretary

Join us to Celebrate with Music!

Join us during Lent and on Easter Sunday, for a series of organ recitals presented by our Director of Music, Bob Rushton. These will start approximately 10-15 minutes after Worship has ended and last about 15-20 minutes. 

Give it up for the Earth!

Lenten Faith in Action: February 14 - March 29

This year the people of Woodlawn United Church are challenged to “Give it up for the Earth!”

“Give it up for Earth!” is a national faith-in-action campaign to increase Canada’s contribution to climate justice. It is focused on the global crisis and offers people opportunity to be part of the solution. We, as a congregation, have this accessible, tangible, and powerful way to respond to this critical issue. During Lent, you are invited to pledge and call our government to action. We can be a sign that Canadians are prepared to make lifestyle changes to reduce our GHG emissions. And, that we want our government to match and exceed these actions with policy changes that will move us further and faster towards international climate change goals. Together we CAN make a difference!